The thinking behind ‘Middle East Explained’ (Meex) is to provide a simple, easy to grasp platform of
articles and videos which demystify the region – largely targeting those who need to understand it
for their jobs. It’s aimed at journalists, government officials, students, academics, parliamentarians
around the world who are confused by the region, who can’t understand the regular reporting as
they haven’t yet grasped the basics of what’s happening and the history leading up to these events.

Also, just as the region is polarized and, sadly a mecca of fake news, this too has made reporting in
the Middle East biased and inaccurate; foreign journalists are just as guilty for falling into the echo
chamber of the respective camp. Thus, a need for a more neutral forum, which is capable of being
more objective, we believe has emerged.

On Meex, you will see a clear emphasis on ‘explainer’ type video and articles but also, the editors
hand pick the very best Oped and analysis pieces from the ocean of articles which is already too
much for anyone to cope with. It’s about what editors of newspapers did years ago: saving you time
by cherry picking only the best and most relevant. Many of the articles will be from mainstream news
websites but readers will also notice that there are also a number of fringe outlets whose quality of
journalism and objectivity outshines the incumbents, which of course we republish.

if you think we need to look at a given outlet or you’re a bona fide journalist who wants to get in
touch, mail us as